[News] Jaehyo Reveals a Story About His Mother!

Jaehyo showed his filial love for his mother who had collapsed due to a brain hemorrhage.

On KBS2’s “Vitamin”, celebrity guests appeared and revealed their personal stories of their families’ struggles against illnesses. Jaehyo recalled his mother’s struggles against an illness at a young age.

The morning that Jaehyo left for a school field trip, he left after having a huge fight with his mother. “I called her because I felt sorrowful, but she didn’t pick up. I thought she was very angry,” Jaehyo began.

“That evening my teacher called me and said, ‘Go back home,’ and I immediately had a bad feeling about it,” he said.

He quickly went home and his whole family had gathered. His mother had collapsed due to a brain hemorrhage.

“My family thought that I would become shocked because I was so young, so they didn’t let me see my mother,” he said with a choked voice, “My mother was only 42 years old at that time.”

Source: NATE
Translated By: Youngha@ BLOCKBINTL