[News] International poster for "The Thieves" released

The official international poster for the upcoming film "The Thieves" has been released!

On March 19th, production company, Showbox, revealed the poster of "The Thieves" on their Facebook page. The poster features the 9 dazzling cast as they walk down an alleyway. Eyes were immediately drawn to Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun, who had her arms around him. Kim Soo Hyun's muscular arms and Jeon Ji Hyun's long and lean legs catches the eye.

Also known as "The Professionals", the new heist movie will be hitting theaters this summer. The big-budget film "The Thieves" is supposed to be the Korean version of "Oceans Eleven" and will feature several exotic locations and an all-star cast. The movie, directed by Choi Dong Hoon, is about professional thieves gathering together to steal a grand diamond called, "The Tears of the Sun."

"The Thieves" boasts star-studded cast including Kim Yoon Suk, Kim Hye Soo, Lee Jung Jae, Jeon Ji Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun and more.