[NEWS] INKIGAYO reveals Debut Stage Teaser for NU'EST

on the INKIGAYO they revealed a teaser for the debut of Rookie boy group NU'EST.

The group, composed of leader JR, Aron, Baekho, Minhyun and maknae Ren, According to Pledis Entertainment, NU'EST's debut single, "Face," will have an urban and electronic sound and will symbolize the youth's views towards society.

check the teaser below!

INKIGAYO revealed this as a comeback stage teaser for their next week episode of the show,

meanwhile NU'EST will reveal their last member teaser in the coming days, and the group will be finally having their debut stage on March 15th at M! Countdown. Their debut single, "Face", will be released on the same day.

Editorial: Iceprinceafterschool @ Elite-Rebels