[News] Infinite’s L is a staff member for ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band’!

Pictures, which were taken on the set for Shut Up Flower Boy Band, were recently released.

The production company for tvN’s Monday-Tuesday series Shut Up Flower Boy Band released pictures of actors who were about to shoot the last episode of the series.

In the pictures, the cast members are making funny faces while posing at the camera. They also transformed in to staff members for the series and drew a lot of attention.

Actors, including, Sung Joon, Infinite’s L, Yoo Min Kyu, Kim Min Seok, and Lee Hyun Jae, and the production crew, who have been working hard for the past three months, hugged and thanked each other.

The production crew members said, “We want to thank the staff and actors who have shot the series for three months. Even though we were sad about shooting the last episode, the actors who created a happy atmosphere. We want to thank the actors, staff members and the audience.”

In the 15th episode of the series, which will air today at 11:00 p.m., the band members will decide whether they are going to be together or not. In the last episode, the members started misunderstanding and mistrusting each other because of the rumors.

Source: TV Report
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