[News] Immortal Song 2 staff member exudes praise for Taemin's performance skill

Through “Immortal Song 2” Taemin was able to showcase his hidden talents, and to garner a greater support from a wider range of fans.

Recently, Taemin participated KBS2TV “Saturday Freedom : Immortal Song 2” as a solo singer and gave an elaborate performance. He (used to be) acknowledged (just as) SHINee’s maknae or a dancer by everyone, but he received high/good reviews as a lead singer after appearing on “Immortal Song 2”.

Hence “Immortal Song 2” PD Go Mingu praised Taemin for bringing an astonishing performance during his phone conversation with Newsen - he thought he would have won the epsiode (s/n : The episode where Taemin performed Kim Gunmo’s “Wrongful meeting”)

In addition, he said that “Taemin’s performance is really unique. It felt good to see Taemin gain confidence bit by bit through “Immortal Song 2”. (He is) someone that make me anticipate how he will grow as a celebrity. He did not waver despite competing with older, more experienced seniors - he just worked hard”. In this period, Taemin competed alongside with Lyn, Im Taekyung, Sunghoon etc - representatives/leaders of the singing industry. He put up performances that were no less of quality compared to the seniors. He brought a unique performances that were 180-degree change/difference from the seniors which was out of everyone’s imagination. (Despite) Putting up a glamourous performance, he was still able to hold a steady note, and has a *ambiguous* broad vocal range/ able to maximise the stage.

Through Immortal Song 2, Taemin presented a vast variety performances that was appealing to the eyes and ears, especially the performance that was broadcasted on 17 March. The broadcasted performance on 3 March, Kim Gunmo’s “Wrongful meeting”, was an extremely heated performance, the elaborate dance stage and vocal skills was put together to create a high quality performance. Unfortunately, it was a great pity that he lost to Sung Hoon.

On another note, before Taemin proceed with his overseas schedules, he will continue to participate “Immortal Song 2”. In addition, SHINee’s comeback is around the corner, Taemin has to prepare for the comeback stage and “Immortal Song 2” - he must be really busy now.

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Source : Newsen // Kor-Chi Translation : WithTaemin // Chi-Eng Translation : soundtracklove@soompi