[News] Hyun Young admits she's pregnant

Shortly after entertainer Hyun Young's wedding on March 3, some entertainment media have begun to speculate that she is three months pregnant. However, her agency Koen Stars has not confirmed or denied the rumor, simply saying it does not know if Hyun Young is carrying a child.

After two weeks, Hyun Young finally came out to publicly admit that she is indeed pregnant. The agency revealed an official statement, "It was a time where she was careful to not let the public know about her pregnancy so no one other than her family knew. Hyun Young is currently resting and her husband and parents are very excited. We hope that you will pray for the happiness of Hyun Young’s family and baby."

On March 3, Hyun Young tied the knot with a finance executive, who is four years older than her. The two first met in March of last year through mutual friends and started seeing each other seriously since September. During the press conference held prior to her wedding, Hyun Young said, "As soon as we decided that we were going to get married, we have started working hard to have a baby."