[News] Girls' Generation's Sooyoung to star in new drama "The Third Hospital"

After having rejected the offer of her casting for TV Chosun's drama "Speed", Girls' Generation's Sooyoung will finally be making her first acting attempt in another traditional drama.

Sooyoung has been cast for a lead role in the upcoming tvN's medical drama "The Third Hospital", which is centered on a hospital that practices both Oriental and non-oriental medicine. Sooyoung will play the role of a violist, and along with the other female role, played by Kim Minjung, will be involved in a romantic storyline with the two male characters, played by Kim Seungwoo and Oh Jiho.

"The Third Hospital" is a drama set in a neurosurgery department of an alternative hospital which adopts both western and oriental medical practices. The drama outlines the competition that took place among neurosurgeons who challenge one another to cure their patients using various western and oriental medical methods. This new-concept medical drama will be the first of its kind in Korea.

With the final cast consisting of Kim Seungwoo, Oh Jiho, Kim Minjung, and Sooyoung, pre-production will begin in early April. The drama is scheduled to start airing at the end of July.

Source: Soshified