[NEWS] f(x) Krystal gets teary eyed for the farewell for High Kick Through the roof 3

F(x)’s Krystal gets teary eyed for the end of High Kick through the roof 3 and couldn’t hold it back on the farewell party for the show. On the 29th of March, a video was shared on the official block of the MBC show and on the video you can see the cast, crew and staff gathered as they watched the last episode of the show together.

 On the event, Krystal couldn’t help but cry as she expressed her sadness that the show has come to end, the fellow actors, directors and staff all felt the same and comforted Krysal. At the end of the day, the directors, staff and cast bowed to each other as a sign of their gratitude and thanks for working together for the show.

 Meanwhile, there has been now follow up yet for the show as there is no confirmed news if there will be a new season or if a new show will be replacing it on it’s air time.