[news] Dream High 2 continues to struggle with their viewer rating

KBS drama "Dream High 2" continues to struggle in their viewer ratings and week after week their viewer rating continues to decline. On the 11th of March, it was reported that their viewer rating for this week's episode dropped to 6.4% compared to last week's rating of 7.9%.

Despite a romantic kissing scene for the new episode, their viewer rating still dropped 1.5% for this week. Dream High 2 has struggled following the first part Dream High 1 which achieved remarkable ratings getting average of 20% viewer rating. Viewers opinion was that even though the drama has a lot of popular idol's in it, the story development is inconsistent along with the character's.

Meanwhile, SBS's "History of the salary man" get's 18.7% viewer rating while MBC "Light and Shadow" received 16.3% viewer rating.