[News] Cosmetics Model Rival “Innisfree Yoona VS Etude House Sandara Park” Who Is The Winner?

15 seconds is too short a time for a product to make an impact in the minds of a consumer, thus leaving an impression is not an easy task. Selecting the best brand models is the key to achieving this, particularly for cosmetic brands. Establishing a model that is perfect for a brand is a great help in establishing a brand image.
SK II “Im Su Jeong,” Biotherm “Gong Hyo Jin,” Benefit “Eugene” are just a few of the many models that were chosen to represent domestic cosmetic brands. Their charms helped introduce various products and making an impact on sales.
Beauty companies put a lot in store in star image, like concentrating on building a brand image through marketing. Two rival roadshop brands’ image models, Etude House’s 2NE1 member “Sandara Park,” and Innisfree’s SNSD member “Yoona” are generating a great interest among consumers.
Girl group 2NE1 member, Sandara Park‘s charisma during performances, and her fun and bubbly personality, was deemed to be a perfect match to Etude House’s image. In particular, Etude House‘s products endorsed by Sandara Park, is eliciting the most favorable responses from consumers aged 18-24, showing a success in their fun-filled campaigns.
A lot of consumers have already associated Etude House with their brand models who have cute and youthful imaged, but they determined that they are attracted toSandara Park‘s bright, bubbly, and fun personality, which is unique among the other image models, who are also endorsing roadshop cosmetic brands.
In addition, products endorsed by the brand model, were all directly advertised through social network updates and cable television interviews, resulting to more popularity from consumers and online bloggers, making most products come up to different Best Item lists.
As Etude House’s main brand advertising model, Sandara Park, gets to show a fresh, youthful and feminine side, which she doesn’t show on stage as a performer, featuring a different charm and atmosphere that draws not only consumers, but the general public as well.
As an idol singer, Sandara Park shows off an explosive charisma with her fresh and unique looks, but through Etude House’s recently released line of skin care products, she shows off another side of her charms. Called the “Skin Malgem Gymnastics,” which had a music video-like production, Sandara Park with her clear skin and endorsing a product to achieve the effect, showed off an image that appealed greatly to consumers. In the CM, she teaches an easy-to-follow dance that is also useful in applying the product to one’s face. When the YouTube video was made available to the public, it received a lot of attention and an explosive reaction.
Yoona, Pure Image Suited For A Clean, Natural Concept
Girl group SNSD member, Yoona, was determined to be suited best to a pure, clean, and clear image, which is suitable to the line of products she endorses through Innisfree. But while Sandara Park’s make-up personality, with her fresh and young image, can endorse a variety of products with different concepts, consumers feel that Yoona is too limited as a brand model and endorses products that complement her pure image.

Source: Brand Biz
Translated by: BlackjackBelle@OhDara/ SlaveTranslator@WeLoveDara