[News] CNBLUE will hold comeback showcase in the morning of March 26

Korean band, CNBLUE’s unusual morning showcase will mark their comeback to the music scene.

CNBLUE will hold a comeback showcase called “Early Lunch PARTY for EAR FUN” on March 26 at 11am. The showcase will be held at Yangjae-dong iL Tower in Seoul.

Comeback showcase that is held in the morning is rather very peculiar for singers. Under normal circumstances, singers will usually hold their comeback showcases in late afternoon or evening, but CNBLUE‘s comeback showcase that will be held in the bright morning would surely be a unique event.

Fans attending the event will be entertained by CNBLUE performing 3 of their new songs and they are also expected to announce their activities to the media.

Their agency on March 23 stated, “It was not our intention to make this event in the morning, our main target is so that they can showcase their new songs calmly,” said them. This is due to the members’ packed schedules. Kang Minhyuk is currently starring in “My Husband Got a Family” on KBS and Lee Jonghyun is also busy preparing for his role in SBS’ new weekend drama “A Gentleman’s Dignity.” The agency added, “The members are very busy and their schedule is packed even ahead of the comeback.”

CNBLUE‘s new song “Still in Love” is getting a good response on online music charts, and their new mini album entitled “EAR FUN” will be released on March 26 with “Hey You” as the title song.

On the other hand, March 26 is definitely a day for popular rock bands showcases. Once CNBLUE ends their morning showcase, at 2pm on the same day, new band Busker Busker will perform their debut showcase at M-Pop, Times Square in Yongdeungpo.

Source: Daum
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm