[News] CNBLUE and Busker Busker prove band music is strong despite the “idol” flood!

Kpop idols have always dominate the music charts in Korea. These past couple of days however, rock band CNBLUE and new band Busker Busker have turned the table around by topping the real-time music charts with their new songs.
CNBLUE released their new title song “Hey You” on March 26 in their new album “EAR FUN” and the sales for their third mini album has even beat other well known groups such as Big Bang, 2AM et cetera.
In addition, according to the Hanteo music sales charts, CNBLUE‘s “EAR FUN” sales for March 27 (second day) has even exceeded the first day sale of 13,000 copies which is a great triumph for the band’s long awaited comeback.
The title song “Hey You” is a shuffle rhythm of modern rock music, which is like the continuation of CNBLUE‘s previous title songs. Cheerful and bright melody stimulates the senses along with its meaningful lyrics.
Busker Busker is also doing well in music charts with their song “Ideal Type“, released on March 22. This shows the strong force band music is making in the Korean music industry.
Busker Busker made their debut showcase on March 26, same day as CNBLUE‘s comeback showcase.

Source: KoreanHerald
Translated by: fizzy @ cnbluestorm