[News] Chunji selected for his first MC job on ‘Sunday Night - Exploration of Genders’!

Popular idol group Teen Top member Chunji has been chosen to be an MC in MBC ‘Our Sunday Night’s new corner ‘Exploration of Genders’. 
With their latest title song ‘Crazy’, they’ve gotten 1st place on mainstream music programs. Teen Top, who has conquered the world of singers, also proven themselves to be popular in variety programs and hence was appointed as MC. 
Chunji who has been gathering a lot of anticipation will show a different image through ‘Exploration of Genders’ as the team’s maknae. 
Meanwhile 5 March (today) was the start of ‘Exploration of Genders’ filming with Jung Junha, Oh Manseok, Jung Sunhee, Shin Bongsun and many other celebrities who experienced an exchange of gender roles for this coming 11 March’s first broadcast. 

CREDITS: oursupaluv 
SOURCE: The Star News