[News] Cho Hyung Woo signs with Loen Entertainment

Former season one contestant on MBCThe Great Birth”, Cho Hyung Woo, has signed a contract with singer IU's agency Loen Entertainment.

On March 6th, Loen Entertainment confirmed, "We signed an exclusive contract with Cho Hyung Woo and he is currently training in preparation for his debut. We will provide him with the best effort and wholeheartedly to ensure his success as a singer."

Cho Hyun Woo was mentored by singer Shin Seung Hoon during his appearance on “The Great Birth.” He received much love from the viewers with his smooth tone and sensual interpretation of music. Additionally, many female fans were drawn to his courteous manners and overall clean-cut image.

Cho Hyun Woo said through his agency, "I will work hard to repay the support and love of my fans. Please continue to cheer for me."