[News] Boyfriend celebrates their 300th Day!

Boy group Boyfriend along with their fans celebrate their 300th day since debut.

Pictures of Boyfriend members for their 300th Day have been unveiled on Daum Cafe. 

However, the celebration will not be completed if fans will not join them in their celebration, and to show their love support for Boyfriend, Bestfriends made a simple yet meaningful gift for Boyfriend as they made “#Boyfriend300thDay” trend Worldwide. 

The fans succeed to trend “#Boyfriend300thDay” Worlwide but unfortunately, they didn't had a chance to capture the picture where the hashtag they used trend Worlwide.

But wait, Bestfriends didn't not just trend it Worldwide in number 1 position but they also made it in Singapore. The hashtag was trending in Singapore with the same position as they trend it Worldwide.

They also got the 2nd position in Indonesia.

Of course, the celebration is not complete without Boyfriend's message for their fans.

Today is the 300th day♥
During the past few months we have made many memories, right?
Seeing the videos, letters and picture books you guys made for us really makes me happy^^
From now on we must continue creating beautiful memories
I Love You Bestfriend
Ah!! Soon
We’ll comeback with a “handsome concept” album^^
Please wait a little more~!♥
B.F Donghyun

Congratulations to Boyfriend and wish them to more popular in the future and gain more fans. 

Source: Boyfriend Daum Cafe 
Translations: 兔紙 | BoyfriendTW.com (Kor-Chi) + honeyrinayu | weloveBoyfriend.wordpress.com (Chi-Eng) +  jaein @boyfriend-translations
Image source: lovelynuts_BF & fyeahkwangmin on Twitter 
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net