[News] Big Bang's "Fantastic Baby" MV on Stereogum’s 5 Best Videos of the Week!

Stereogum's 5 Best Videos of the Week 

We used to make things in this country. Among those things were nonsensical high-gloss music videos that made your brain explode in another way every five seconds or so. Not anymore. We’ve totally given up worldwide-leader status in that department to South Korea, where incredible stuff like this comes out all the time.

BigBang, almost certainly the greatest boy band on earth right now, came close to topping this list last week with their breezily ridiculous “Bad Boy” video. That was awesome, but this — a candy-colored dystopia of dancing dragons and gas-masked rioters and hairstyles that laugh in the face of God — this is another thing entirely. If you’re in an indie band, please watch this and think long and hard before releasing another Instagram-looking mediocrity into the world. Watch Big Bang's 'Fantastic Baby' music video:

Source: @Stereogum.com