[News] Big Bang's "ALIVE" tracks surpasses 30 million views on Youtube

Big Bang is on its way to be the next global superstars by being acknowledged world wide and continuing their fame through YouTube. Big Bang's music videos for their 2012 comeback album "ALIVE", all released less than a month ago, have all together surpassed 30 million YouTube hits.

As of March 22 at 1PM KST, the music videos "Blue" received 15,000,000 views, "Bad Boy" recorded 8,000,000 views and "Fantastic Baby" has a total of 10,000,000 views.

Not only that, all the three music videos also have over 100,000 likes and each video has never ending comments from fans all over the world.

Previously, Big Bang made it onto the U.S. Billboard 200 chart as well. Their latest album "ALIVE" debuted on the chart at #150, marking the first K-Pop group to achieved such a feat. The group was also featured in the website of the world’s most famous music awards Grammy.