[NEWS] Big Bang ‘Fantastic,’ Drove 40,000 Fans Wild

“Big Bang has its unique and special charm. The show from the beginning till the end will be a highlight.”
Ahead of Big Bang’s Korea concert shared world renowned stage director Laurieann Gibson, the main director for Big Bang’s world tour.

Knowing Gibson’s experience of leading famous American pop star Lady Gaga’s ‘The Monster Ball Tour’ expected her words just to be a mere formality. However it was a rant not false word. At least true for the ‘2012 Big Show Big Bang Alive Tour’ concert in Seoul.
‘Exceed Korea idol group level’

Big Bang’s first button of their world tour and comeback stage after year and half held at Seoul Olympic Park Gymnastics Stadium during three days from March 2-4 concluded successfully. Total of three shows with over 40,000 audiences went wild with excitement. Despite the eventful past year Big Bang showed that they still can deliver.

Big Bang was relentless. The concert proved why Big Bang is ‘Big Bang.’ Several music representatives have praised them stating, “The level was beyond the idol group of Korea.”

It’s obvious that those who have paid a full price ticket will go wild with excitement. However Big Bang wasn’t satisfied with just that. To them the brilliant stage setting wasn’t that important. It was only an extra frosting on the cake. The five member’s music talents were enough to brighten the members and drive the fans into excitement.

The live bands performance and carefully structured story line was the highlight. The stage, light designer Leroy Bennett who worked with Madonna, Bon Jovi, and Ricky Martin added more refinement as reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s pop art work and musical ‘Greece.
Big Bang born again ‘Alive’
Big Bang who appeared breaking through a frozen capsule on center stage showed their intense charisma fitting to their stage concept ‘musician that came about 85 million years ago.’ The recent release of their new album ‘Alive’ signals Big Bang is alive once again.

Big Bang with their impressive performance and explosive singing lead the stadium into a large club atmosphere. The group showed tremendous amount of energy by continuously performing 6-7 songs in a row, singing total of 26 live songs except when the group made a short introduction to the fans.

Big Bang showed a diverse stage by signing existing hit songs, ‘Tonight,’ ‘Hands Up,’ including unfamiliar new songs such as ‘Fantastic Baby,’ ‘Bad Boy,’ and ‘Blue.’ Also unit GD&T.O.P performed ‘Knock Out,’ Seungri’s solo ‘Strong Baby,’ Taeyang ‘Only Look at Me,’ Daesung solo ‘Wings’ showing their individual ability.

Fans were able to see Big Bang’s past footprint at a glance. Big Bang’s energetic exuberance showed a glimpse of the groups longing for the stage.

‘Big Bang more expectant than disappointment and worry’
Big Bang greeted the fans by the time fans cheering was about to numb your hearing. The group shared “We are excited to greet our fans here on stage. We are thankful for your continuous support through our difficult time. We will be the Big Bang that will bring great expectation rather than disappointment and worry in the future.”

Fans responded with “I love you.”
The concert that seemed to have seen its peak, once again reached its climax like a lie matching the ending song ‘Lie.’ One third of the stadium was filled with fans other than from Korea, which are China, Japan, Indonesia including blue eyes and blond hair fans all shared the encore song ‘Last Farewell’ and seemed to have experienced bliss.

Big Bang officially kicked off the world tour with the Seoul concert will focus on Korea activities for a month. Afterwards continuing on the momentum will go on the tour to 16 countries and 25 cities. Just as G-Dragon shared Big Bag plans to prove to be a ‘expecting group rather than disappoint and worry.’

Source: KpopStarz