[News] Big Bang dominates Gaon Chart

Big Bang has achieved a ‘Perfect All-Kill’ as soon as the group released their 5th mini album ‘ALIVE’ on February 29. After sweeping the Korean online music charts, to no one’s surprise, Big Bang dominated the Gaon's singles and album chart.

On the updated rankings released by Gaon on March 8th, Big Bang's six title tracks concurrently placed in the top eight on Gaon's singles chart between February 26 to March 3.

BLUE’, which was the first song released by Big Bang, cemented its top position for the second week in a row. The five other tracks from the album, ‘BAD BOY’, ‘LOVE DUST’, ‘FANTASTIC BABY’, ‘NOT FUN’ and Daesung's solo ‘WINGS’ all nabbed the top eight spots of the chart.

Meanwhile, for the Gaon's album chart, Big Bang's ‘ALIVE’ still secured the top spot once again, proving the group's powerhouse status in the music industry.

Check the full Gaon Chart rankings here.