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Brown Eyed Girls, sexy and cute
Many overseas guests were invited to this year’s Asian-Pop Music Festival. The representative announced that they invited Korea’s TVXQ! And also Brown Eyed Girls (BEG) who not only has talent in singing, but also good in composing. Each member’s appearance looks touch and sexy, but during interview they said they were more of the cute side, and even hope the Hong Kong media can introduce them to some good-looking guys. 

BEG consists of leader Jea, rapper Miryo, Narsha and the youngest member, Gain. Gain who is 24 this year had participated in a variety show ‘We Got Married’ with virtual husband JoKwon from 2am. Although they’ve left the show for 2 years, her popularity is still strong, and is still the most well known member among the hongkies (Hong Kong people). Gain and Jo Kwon both participated in the 2010 Hong Kong Chinese New Year Parade, this time she came back, but still felt that Hong Kong is still attractive. “Last time when I came to Hong Kong, eonnies (the other 3 members) told me to tell them which is a fun place to go and what’s delicious. This time being invited here for the Asian-Pop Music Festival, everyone is excited and looking forward to those. This time coming to Hong Kong again, I feel that there are more buildings, the feeling is a little different; lots of places I want to go, including SOHO, central etc. The best thing about Hong Kong is that everywhere is a shopping area, and feel like eating a lot of things.” 

Korea’s entertainment competition is very high, more and more rookies debuting. It has only been 2 months since the start of this year and there’s already been about 10 groups debuting. The age range getting younger and younger, recently a rookie group with high popularity, B.A.P, the youngest member who is also the rapper, Zelo is only 15 years of age. Besides Gain, the other members are all 81ers, making BEG an “Adult-dol group” in Korea. They smiled and said: “Our youngest member is even older than the oldest in other groups.” Narsha said: “Now there’s really a lot of rookie groups, making me feel old. Haha! As a sunbae, we have to set a good example and be careful of the way we speak. I feel a little pitiful because there aren’t many groups which debuted with us during our time last up till now.” Among the rookie groups, Miryo has her attention on last year’s Rookie Award Winning group, B1A4, because they’re from the same hometown. 

Fans gave egg tarts and roasted meat
BEG’s schedule for Hong Kong is tight, right after landing they have several interviews they have to attend to, they didn’t have time to fulfill their wish; but their love-to-eat personality is already famous, especially their famous food goddess leader Jea. That’s why attentive fans gave them the egg tarts and roasted meat Gain kept praising in her last trip, which made BEG members very grateful. “We thought nobody knows BEG in Hong Kong, that’s why we were very touched when we saw fans at the airport, they are very warm and friendly.” In the past few days, even when BEG is no where to be seen, even on the first day, there would still be fans whom waited from the afternoon until at night just to give them the cake, waiting for BEG members to finish their schedule, their determination is shocking. 

Showing good example, Hobae learns from them
This time they came to participate in the music festival, Miryo said that she doesn’t know that many Hong Kong singers, would use this chance to get to know more. “Can know more good looking guys then it’s all good.” Jea smiled, saying “I know Coco Lee, and the Heavenly Kings of Cantopop (Andy Lau, Aaron Kwok, Jacky Cheung, Leon Lai Ming)” Reporters stated that the artists she just said were all in the last generation and she replied “Aiya! You do know we’re not that young!” 

Don’t mind being sexy
BEG’s image is cool yet sexy, both Narsha and Gain have wore undergarments for photoshoot, “Abracadabra” was labeled as too sexy, Gain’s “For You Not To Know” MV was too exposed even though she didn’t participated in the acting. What exactly is their borderline for sexiness? Jea smiled “It’s not sexy! We are cute! " (in English) We are personally very conservative, not wearing those sexy outfits like we do on stage.” Gain said if it’s really necessary, she wouldn’t mind being sexy, just like the time when she did the photoshoot for YES undergarments, it had a sense of beauty. She then showed off “The staff are mostly guys, they were even scared that I feel awkward and asked me whether I need the set to be vacant, I’ve already told them there’s no need to.” 

Talking about future plans, even though Gain and Narsha both acted, they currently want to focus on their music. We asked them after their album last year, when would the next one be out. Jea said: “We spent 2 years before we came out with 
“Six Sense”
 “Sixth Sense” (Error in the news), wish that everyone appreciates it, but we currently have no plans for the next album.”

Arrogant dance, takes over Korea
In overseas, quite a number of people praised that BEG is one of the successful groups. Actually they don’t really focus on dancing, “Abracadabra” in their 2009 third album simply took over Korea with their arrogant dance fever; they had to perform that dance in every single show they appeared on. Other artist also performed their dance as well. 2am’s Jo Kwon, SeulOng, 2pm’s TaecYeon, ChanSung and WooYoung created a parody, naming themselves Dirty Eyed Girls but BEG didn’t mind. Narsha said: “Many people did a parody of it! The feeling’s not bad! Jo Kwon danced not bad, actually he danced even better than us!”

Jea’s powerful singing
BEG consisting of lyricists and composers were formed by Negawork (Nega Network), belonged to the “Brown Eyed series” along with Brown Eyed Soul and the already disbanded Brown Eyes. Brown Eyes’ song at that time “Already One Year” music video featured Chang Chen and Kim Hyun Joo, directed by Wong Kar Wai. Everyone in the series are all talented and potential singers, how would BEG be any different? Jea with high notes and powerful voice; they showed their potential through their “Sixth Sense” performance at the Asian-Pop Music Festival, a perfect performance that was enjoyable for everyone. Jea stated that there’s no special way to protect the throat, she has no habit of warming up her voice before any shows. “Actually I felt a little sick during the recording of Sixth Sense, felt that my voice was a little weird.” But she did extremely well and received lots of good reviews for that song. 

Miryo proficient in composing, writing lyrics and producing
Other than singing, one thing that makes BEG special is their ability to create music, they are skilled in all composing, writing lyrics and producing music. Composer for Gain and Jo Kwon’s “We Fell In Love” said: “Actually I started later than Miryo, but I will continue to strive, hope to become a really successful singer-songwriter.” Miryo was crowned as one of the successful female rappers in Korea, and also the company’s official lyricist. She had her own recording and production studio in a very early stage. In February, she released her solo album “Miryo aka Johoney”. Besides singing and rapping, she also participated in composing and producing the album. She was featured in more than 41 songs, and is the one who has the most potential in producing among her group. Narsha and Gain both released their solo albums “Narsha” and “Step 2/4”. Narsha said: “When we have our group activities, we can go to each other when problem arises, helping out one another, the feeling of everyone together is the best.” 

Leader Jea
Birthdate: 18th of September, 1981
Role: Vocalist, composer
Other than BEG’s songs, also participated in various OST. (not naming them coz I’m’ too lazy to find the English translations for the Chinese titles ;3)

Rapper Miryo
Birthdate: 2nd of November, 1981
Crowned as Korea’s best female rapper, excel in composing, a graduate of Chung-Ang university in advertising and PR. 

Birthdate: 28th of December, 1981
Role: Vocalist, 
lead dancer

Was labeled by members being the one who is the most famous among guys, good in variety shows and MC-ing, was a permanent guest in Star Golden Bell.

Birthdate: 20th of September, 1984
Role: Vocalist, 
lead dancer

Participated in the 4Tomorrow project with Kara’s SeungYeon, After School’s UEE and 4 Minute’s Hyuna. Also participated in 2010’s “All My Love” sitcom with 2am’s Jo Kwon and BEAST’s Doo Joon. 

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: LuvGa-in@4everlastings.com