[News] BEAST, World Tour in Japan Completed : “50,000 fans, Thank You.”!

Beast’s Yoon Doojoon had reported to have completed Japanese Concert. Starting with “Beautiful Show in Yokohama” during last week’s 21st, 22nd, 2 days of concert in Japan’s Yokohama arena, followed by Kobe and Nagoya, they have met local fans from 3 cities and 6 performances.
After the performances done, Yoon DooJoon posted on his twitter on the 28th, “Japan concert has ended safely. 50,000 fans who were with us, as well as staffs that worked hard, and lastly our members Thank you very much”.
During this World Tour performance, Beast cooperated with a live band and performed passionately. “Shock”, “Fiction” “Beautiful” and other hit songs was presented as well as the members’ solo songs, showcasing their various charms.
Meanwhile, with the Japanese concerts concluding, Beast will continue their World Tour.

Credits : STARNEWS
Trans by @MrsDooB2uty