[News] B2ST heats up Singapore with "Beautiful Show" concert

On March 3rd, B2ST heated up Singapore with their successful 4th concert for their 21-city world tour "Beautiful Show"!

After completing concerts from Seoul, Berlin and Shanghai, B2ST kicked off the 4th leg of their world concert tour in Singapore's EXPO MAX Pavilion. The members opened up the concert with "Special" which hyped up the 5,500 fans that filled up the concert hall. For two and a half hours, B2ST performed a total of 24 songs including "Breath", "Shock", "Beautiful", "Fiction" and more.

On the day of the concert, fans from different countries showed up early in the morning despite the hot weather conditions at the location. Fans has waited in long lines to purchase ‘Beautiful Show’ souvenirs and other goodies. These items that totalled to be 10,000 pieces were all sold out within half an hour.

B2ST’s leader Doojoon stated, "I’ve been to Singapore several times, but it was always a short visit. I am really happy by the fact that we successfully finished our first solo concert in Singapore. The crowds and the concert hall was heated up as much as the hot weather!"

B2ST members have been to 4 different countries and performed in front of 36,000 fans in total. Their world tour has been a success, proving the group’s growing status as a global idol group. They will continue to embark on various countries including Spain, United States, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.