[News] Another amusing part of “Rooftop Prince”- Park Yoochun’s NG scenes!

A clip of Park Yoochun’s NG scenes in “Rooftop Prince” has been released.
At the end of the episode that aired on the 29th, Park Yoochun and his fellow actors’ NG scenes attracted a lot of attention.
The released clip revealed Park Yoochun in a cool pose earnestly memorizing his lines. However, among the actors present who were enthusiastically filming, when someone made a slip-up in their lines due to getting tongue-twisted, Park Yoochun burst into the most laughter upon hearing it.
Netizens who saw the clip of Park Yoochun’s NG replied with “Really cute” and “Now that I know this, [the drama] has become more entertaining” as well as “Rooftop Prince is the best” etc.
Meanwhile, Rooftop Prince airs every week Wed-Thursdays.

Source: Nate
Translation Credit: buniu of JYJ3