[News] After School's JungAh promotes "PLAYGIRLZ" album

Following the success of their debut Japanese single "Bang!" and their second and third singles, "Diva" and "Rambling Girls", After School has released their first full-length Japanese album entitled "PLAYGIRLZ" on March 14th.

To promote their new album, After School member JungAh updated the group's official Japanese webpage. Along with her photo holding a "PLAYGIRLZ" album, JungAh wrote a message saying:

"Hello, it’s JungAh. How is everyone??

Finally yesterday! Our album “Playgirlz” was released!
Have you already gotten it?
When I watch the off shots included in the music video edition, it reminds me of our debut, a-nation, interviews, and such. It makes me nostalgic.
I’m very glad we were able to debut in Japan meet everyone in Japan!
And right now, we’re preparing for our concert. Please look forward to it♪
It’s slowly getting warmer. Let’s enjoy spring together!

"PLAYGIRLZ" comes in three different versions: CD-Only, CD+DVD, and Limited Edition. The CD-Only features After School's previous hits and a bonus track from Orange Caramel called “Shanghai Romance“. Meanwhile both CD+DVD and Limited Editions will come with a DVD containing concert footage from the “AFTER SCHOOL JAPAN PREMIUM PARTY -Bang! Bang! Bang!“, held at the Akasaka BLITZ on July 17th, 2011.

Credit: PledisAtrans