[NEWS] 4minute to work with Shinsadong Tiger for April Comeback

Girl group 4minute and hit composer Shinsadong Tiger will join hands for their April comeback.

All the while showing performances with unique charisma, 4minute is expected to leave a strong impression with changes in music and stages this time around.

Their comeback, which was originally planned for January was held back for this reason.

4minute and music industry hit maker Shinsadong Tiger are working together again. 'Hot Issue', 'Muzik', 'Mirror Mirror', and 'Heart to Heart', Shinsadong Tiger, the creator of most of 4minute's hit songs, will work together once again.

On the 28th, 4minute's party told Star News "We've been working together with Shinsadong for a while now, we will again join hands but this time it will be to show a different color," they continued, "The members are preparing music and performances of a different feeling which they have never attempted. 4minute plans to show their charm through new, challenging experimental music."

They also stated, "The new record is slatted for release in mid-April. Starting next month, they will be promoting actively."

With every announced album, 4minute is always attracting attention for their unique music style and daring choreography.

4minute, who takes the spot as the performance girl group, are receiving a lot of love in foreign countries for their unique competitive stages.

Source: Star News
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