[News] 4minute sends BTOB a sake

4minute has sent their juniors, BTOB, a cake to congratulate them on their recent debut!

On March 23rd on KBS Music Bank, BTOB performed their debut performance with "Insane." In addition, the group received the cake from their seniors and took a photograph backstage.

The photo was revealed through Cube Entertainment's Twitter, which said, "BTOB is really happy that their sunbaes, 4minute, sent a cake to them from Jeju Island in order to celebrate their debut! There was also a card from 4minute that said, 'We love you lots!'"

Along with the tweet came the group photo with the cake. What especially drew attention was BTOB not holding the typical peace sign pose, but holding up 4 fingers to represent 4minute.
Source: Nate & Koreaboo
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