[News] 2PM's hot performance in Hong Kong, a stripped finale bidding farewell to fans!

Korea's superstar idol group 2PM held their concert last night in Hong Kong for the first time, with the hall fully-packed of fans. The 6 members had fun in the concert with; sword-fighting, human pyramids, cartwheels, blowing kisses and giving flowers to the fans. Just before leaving, Taecyeon even took off his shirt whilst shaking his backside, saying goodbye to their fans half-naked.

Last night, 2PM held their final concert in Hong Kong Asian Expo Arena, the 6 boys successfully performed <Heartbeat> and <Again&Again> alongside 20 other hit songs. When singing to <Hands Up> the whole atmosphere was sizzling hot; the fans put their hands up and sang along with their idols. The group then performed a sexy dance with the female dancers, where Taecyeon deliberately tore open his shirt collar gathering much attention with his chest muscles, earning ear-piercing screams from every direction.
When the 6 members, passionately sang to <Only You>, they blew kisses to the fans, and walked towards the crowd giving out roses and shook hands with them. In Chansung's solo stage, he performed a sword-dance whilst Junsu sang to a few lines of Jacky Cheung's <My Heart Is Hurt> in a cappella. The boys also performed cartwheels, human pyramids and such difficult moves, demonstrating their skills.
Finally, with the song <Thank You>, they thanked their fans for their support; each member approached the crowd, taking photos with the fan's Polaroid cameras and tossed their towels towards the audience. At 2PM's curtain call, they repeatedly announced that they will be coming back to Hong Kong very soon. Just before leaving, Chansung and Taecyeon took off their shirts, bidding farewell to the fans shirtless, fulfilling their promise of a shirtless performance.
Taecyeon celebrates in Lan Kwai Fong 
That night, Janice Wei , Jason Chung , Lesley Chiang and other artists from the entertainment industry had also went to show their support, Louis Cheung also brought his son to watch the show. Janice Wei even went backstage and took a photo with the 2PM members. In addition, Taecyeon was photographed celebrating in Lan Kwai Fong after the performance ended and through Twitter, Chansung and Junsu expressed that the performance in Hong Kong was fun and exciting. Yesterday in the afternoon, 2PM flew back to Korea, with an estimated 50 fans seeing them off at the airport. Before departing through the special passageway, they even turned around and waved goodbye to their fans. 

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