[News] 2AM Jokwon got humiliated by G.NA

2AM member JoKwon got humiliated by G.NA

On March 17th episode of KBS2's Birth of a Family, stars like G.NA, ZE:A's Shiwan and Hyun Ah from 4minute help a dog named Cherry.

On the show, Jo Kwon made an appearance together with his dog named Hangwoon. Moreover, pet expert came with Shiwan and said to JoKwon, "There's a stranger." The two remained quiet for a moment.

The MC suddenly said, Why don't you make friends with each other?" and then asks their ages. As result, it was revealed that Shiwan is older than JoKwon. Singer G.NA was surprised and exclaimed, "Are you sure you're younger than him (Shiwan)?" and made JoKwon humiliated with laughter.

Source: TV Report
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net