[Interview] Ren in Elle Girl Magazine!

Check out Ren's part in Elle Girl Magazine interview below.

Q: The release of NU'EST debut single is on March 15, with your debut just round the corner, how do you feel?
A: (Ren) Worried and not knowing what to do, this feeling is so weird. Feeling nervous wondering if we can capture the hearts of the audience with our own stage.

Q: Let's talk about why you want to be a singer, and how you became a member of NU'EST?
A: (Ren) It was my dream to be a singer ever since I was small. I've always wanted to be in Pledis, so I went for the auditions. The company thinks that I have the charisma, hence selecting me.

Q: While dreaming to be a singer then, did you have any idols or musicians that you really like?
A: (Ren) I like Micheal Jackson when I was young. He is a perfect musician that did everything, dancing is dancing, and singing is singing. Even until now, he is the person I want to be the most, and for being the idol that inspired me.

Q: Was Ren always that good looking? How is his character like normally?
A: (JR) He was very cute when I first met him as he still had his baby fats, as he grew older, he became much more handsome day by day.
(Minhyun) Ren likes being alone. He has this four dimensional charm.
(Baek Ho) He keeps his things on his bed. He never lets anybody on his bed. He hides snacks on his bed and secretly eats them by himself at night.

Q: Self-praising may be hard to say, but when needed to say 'I am better than the members in', what would it be?
A: (Ren) I have a much more creative imagination than the others, and I tend to think about stuffs in different ways.

Q: You are dorming with the other members already right? If you have time to yourself, what would you do?
A: (Ren) I will not stay in the dorm, but head out to some quiet place to think or rest.

Q: Who is the member that have the most fashion sense?
A: (All) Its Ren!
(Ren) Yes, I'm much more interested in fashion, though I don't have a favourite kind of style, I like wearing things that make me happy. You could say its a 'satisfying oneself' style. I like buying accessories like rings and bracelets.

Q: Which member is the most active on variety shows?
A: (JR) Ren should be the one doing the best. He can be quiet now, but in a moment, he is able to light up the mood. And he likes to tell us interesting stories all the time, I'm sure it will work out well on variety shows.

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