[Interview] Miryo's NYLON Korea interview the days of innocence!

the days of innocence

Brown Eyed Girls's Miryo stood infront of the camera with an innocent face.
The powerful female warrior image disappears and stands in front of us with an atmosphere of a woman who easily gets hurt. It could be so that with this album, a woman that has all she wishes called Miryo is shown  Love, Hatred, Passion and innocent days are yearned for. 

Q: You really suit the image of innocence?
A: I'm like that. Haha. 

Q: From the past you showed us a lot of powerful images.
A: Yes but that i couldnt deny because I am a rapper. Because there cannot be an innocent rapper existing. Anyhow thank you for saying that i suit being innocent. Please write it on the newsletter. That I fit the image well. Haha.
Q: No need to ask cause i think I will. Haha. 
How is your album promotion going?
A: It was good up to last week. This week a lot of new songs came out and I think I was pushed down a little. How did you like it?
Q: To tell you the truth I dont listen to a lot of Brown Eyed Girls songs. 
I had to listen to the music for this interview and it wasn't boring at all. 
A: To tell you the truth this album isn't really a hip hop genre. It's a album full of songs in which i wanted to do, it could even show no relation at all. I wanted to mix the pop-rock and electronic feeling together. There are no hip hop songs. So those who expected hip hop genre songs were disappointed. But for me I wanted to make songs which I listened to a lot recently, and the songs which I got ideas from so an album like this was born.
Q:The song isn't easy to sing a lomg with, but it keeps making me listen to it.
A:I tried to mix the foreign style and music into the songs slightly. If I try to do all the styles i want the audience might not like it so I even went easy with the rap. If you had listened to my songs there are a lot of melodic lines. For those parts you can easily hear them.
Q:What were your member's reactions.
A:They said it was good. That the song is good and work hard. And also for my musical styles to be shown worldwide.
Q: Were you satisfied with your results? When you think about it?
A: My album satisfaction? I liked it a lot. Even i liked it so much I kept listening to my songs for a period of time. But not everyone have the same ears.
Q: It's your first as a solo?
A: Yes. It's my first in my 13 year career.
Q: 13 years? already?
A: I did it since i was young.
Q: Was it you who chose your album concept and overall style?
A:First I thought of the concept myself.I ended up working with those people who agreed with my ideas.
Q: For the featurings there were a lot of different people who did it, each song showed a different colour. 
The featuring voices all suited with Miryo's raps. Did you ask them yourself?
A:In Sunny's case I already knew her since through Invisible Youth. It may be because of Narsha's friendship with SNSD I keep my eye on them Also I thought that Sunny's voice would suit this song. I was finding a singer whos voice tone suited the song through a list and I thought it would be unexpected and good.
Q:You sang "Leggo" with Narsha. The voice was clear and sweet?
A:Of course. High note. When Narsha sings with a whispering voice it is attractive, and with her real voice she is really powerful.
Q:You were the same member with Gary in "honey Family", did you already know Koxx or Rude Paper?
A:Not at all. When I was finding people to make good songs for me, I had a feeling I had to find them myself. Because I cant write the tracks well. I try to write it and do it but it doesn't end up well like i had thought. And during that time I saw Rude Paper's live concert. huh I was really shocked to  see that there were good musicians in our country. That day I went to their waiting room and told them I liked their song and wanted to work together and we exchanged numbers and became friends since then For Koxx's case I heard a lot about them. But I really wasnt interested, and thought ‘ah Who is this Koxx that is making everyone say koxx this koxx that’. And then I watched the trouble maker music video one day. After i watched it, it felt like i was punched. They were really good.  Up till then I didnt have any intersts in rock but after listening to that song it felt like my chest was cleared up. Even though it was rock it totally caught my attention. I saw them at the rock festival and they really had talent. I found out that Koxx was related to a "master plan". I knew someone in Master Plan and talked to him about it and he said even Koxx was happy to work with me and so we worked together. Anyhow I found work from here and there.

Q:Koxx's voice colour in "party Rock", when you compare it to Gary's, 
you could say it was somewhat feels like a young teenager?
A: Really? His real voice isn't like thay, but i think it is heard like that in this song. On the recording day, Gary must have been tired. His voice was really tired. So i was a bit worried. I thought ‘Would my voice suit his? His voice became a bit more husky...’ but I'm happy it did suit in the end.
Q: Did you make the lyrics first? I curious how songs are made.
A: When I was young I studied to create lyrics and rap making at the same time. Truthfully it was good then. I could write it in one go. But when that doesn't happen I make a concept and try to match it with the concept in both 1st and 2nd verse. Here i'll write this and here I'll write that. And then I make the flow. If you compare to a song its composing. You make the melody and create the rap making to suit that. Thinking of rhymes..
Q: How did this song progress?
A: For this song there are 2 things that are mixed. The good ones are made easily. And the ones that are hard to finish I try to find a way to finish it. Haha.

Q: You composed by yourself? There are story parts of like dating and others were in your song , 
Are these the stories you wanted to sing?
A:It's an Extended Play so I didnt want to go with anything heavy, So I made slightly light song as a title. Truthfully "Dirty" is a song about managing surroundings.  The lyrics are about my recent experiences. The songs i like are dance-able. I like those songs which you can turn on and dance to them.

Q: Still you would have a rap part which you put into a song about a story you wanted to tell, 
do you have any expressions you are fond of?
A:From my 5th track "Leggo", ‘까만 밤 이 도신 어둠을 내려 숨겨온 진실함이 고개를 들게 해요. TV 화면 속에선 나 웃고 있는 듯해도 내 가슴속에선 구멍이 뚫린 듯 해요.’ parts like these.
Q:A feeling of your current status?
A: Yes. When people see me I am a member of BEG to them. "You made a lot of money, What kind of worries do you have" and think like this, but I really do have a quenched feeling which cannot be satisfied. 


Source: NYLON TM
Translated & shared: adam2AMBEGfan @4-everlastings.com