[Interview] MBLAQ Interview on Inkigayo Magazine (Thunder and Mir)!

Group MBLAQ's interview on Inkigayo magazine. The other members parts have been posted before and this time, Thunder and Mir's part.

Check it out below.

"We can digest even any genres with MBLAQ's one-and-only vocal and rap! We wanted to show that there's no limit in the songs we can express." It is necessary to pay attention to Cheondung's transformation in the title song "This Is War" this time. In this album no boundary is placed between vocal and rap and Cheondung displayed his appearance from a rapper to a vocalist to the full for the first time. Cheondung who got a passing grade with his vocal while his rich emotion comes through in any songs does not neglect his music work every time he is free. With revealing his first self-composed song "YOU" highlighted by an electronic sound through the 3D Edition of the first full-length album <BLAQ Style> being the starting point, he transformed into a singer-songwriter with his solo stage "BLAQ CAT" presented through MBLAQ's solo concert last August. That day's perfect performance still remained as the best stage well-known between fans. Cheondung, who has been concentrating his efforts on composing whenever he has time lately as well, has a burning will of wanting so much to put his own self-composed song into the next album. "I have all the (music) equipments at home, so I'm taking time off my busy schedule and continuously doing music work. I'm raising a cat called Dadoongie, and Dadoongie often steps on my keyboard. Sometimes that sound is good, and beautiful lines even come out, so I'm getting a lot of inspiration for my work. (laugh)" The moment even a trivial daily moment intersects Cheondung's musical inspiration, an amazing miracle is made. This is the 100% Ver. Interview of Cheondung who has been steeped more deeply in musicality and pro-like talent for the last 3 years of stepping forward on the stairs of growth one step after another.

I will curse you! I think I'm sympathetic to the phrase "I will curse you!" in my part. I even felt that "if I get hurt in love I'll even very much be able to curse someone!" You know it's really scary when thinking that someone would curse me, so I always worry about how to express such emotions on the stage and it still remains as my homework.
100% display The song "This Is War" itself is intense and has a strong impact, but my part is very quiet. Therefore I'm not stopping the practice of revealing anger and masculinity with facial expressions and gestures in the quietness. The members always practices without being lazy and do their best to 100% display their inner strength of musicality, performance, and emotions built in the last 3 years or so as well.
From now on this is war! I came out with the role of loving my friend's girl in the MV, and actually I have similar experience. The girl my friend liked turns out to be liking me very much. I didn't steal that girl, but I think that in my friend's heart he felt displeased like "This Is War." I learned about the truth some time later and got over it by saying "ah~ is that so?" without any special reactions.
The "This Is War" MV ending I think is Actually if I was in that situation I think I would not shoot myself but shoot that guy who took away my love. [Lee Joon: Finish it with that guy's death and a compulsory kiss with the girl!] Ah! Joonie hyung's idea is good. But if it was like that I think the girl I love would be very sad? It's not going to work.
Sweet Cheondung Because I've never tried to have a girlfriend, I've never done any events. However, if I get a girlfriend in the future, I want to be always by her side. I think that taking care of your friends, lover or family from the trivial things and bringing out memories while gaining time continuously are important.
A+ love letter We won't stop at just simply being idols and certainly want to show you the appearance of MBLAQ growing into musicians. Since we always work hard, please watch over that moment of growth a lot. I love you and am really thankful.

I hurt my waist last year and even since my break I've started reading, and I started learning rap in earnest. With that time as an opportunity I urged on myself and I think I got into a habit of charging so that my battery doesn't get discharged. 


"I think we were never as busy as we are now before when we were promoting our full-length album or "Mona Lisa". Therefore we've been continuously having "a war with schedules" lately, but as we have an atmosphere of being well united more than anytime we are promoting with fighting spirit overflowing." Since they certainly found MBLAQ's color while releasing one full-length album and four mini albums, now the time to necessarily focus on the "completion level" has come. MBLAQ are musicians standing above expectation of genre, the public have no partiality in music and performances expected from MBLAQ every time, and MBLAQ is growing more little by little correctly every time. Although musician's pressure of necessarily corresponding with the public and fans' expectations is something that cannot be helped, there are even times when it severely makes them tired. MBLAQ's maknae Mir who is like an energizer that absolutely does not get tired came back with a better appearance as if he is a 100% perfectly charged battery without looking discharged. "I hurt my waist last year, so at the time when MBLAQ was promoting as a 4-member group I had a two-month break. However, though I just stayed idle dryly for a month and a half many ideas really occurred to my mind at that time. With those moments as an opportunity I urged on myself and I think I got into a habit of charging so that my battery doesn't get discharged." In bringing out the theme of intense "revenge and betrayal" in "This Is War" this time Mir's strong rapping remains as an amazing afterimage and raises the whole completion level of the song at once. Within only 1 year he became such a main rapper who exercises exceedingly great influence through his musicality that the number of fans who believe "Mir's rap can change all MBLAQ's music" increased. This is MBLAQ who gradually becomes more perfect while showing synergy effect in performance, vocal and even rap ability! And this is the 100% Ver. Interview of Mir who is advancing towards REAL and 100%.

100% charging completed I have occasional spare time about once a month. In that case I watch movies or (Cheondung: Why didn't you watch movies with me?) I get a lot of sleep first and play later unconditionally. I think that a really complete~ rest for a day becomes a jumping board for jumping further and higher. Before urging on I've given carrots to myself for some time. I remember they say that even rich people who make a lot of money take all their work off their hands and mind and rest for a day to have an inspiration as well and gain more energy. So when the day off comes I don't really do anything and I charge myself with energy while taking a complete~ rest as well.

I have one hand left Though I don't know whether I'll make people laugh I always hold a mic in one hand and sing on the stage. But I've started wearing an ear mic since the stage of "This Is War" this time, and the work to do with my left hand that was holding a mic is gone. I feel awkward and have difficulty because I make gestures with one hand only and then I want to do it with two hands. So I'm paying attention to make gestures naturally.

As much as I suffered, you'll see! Because you hurt me I suffered so much as that! I think they are lyrics that are injected really well with a man's mind burning with revengeful thoughts as to pay back evenly. This phrase really goes to my heart, and it's also the part in which I give the strongest eye expression on the stage personally. (laugh)

The "This Is War" MV ending I think is If I became the main character of the MV, I think I would shoot the guy and girl who betrayed me with my gun first, and then I would stay in the MV for about 17 minutes longer. After I survived alone I enjoyed my daily life [Lee Joon: Mir is kind of greedy for being the main character. (laugh)] That's right. I'm greedy for being the main character, so the 17 minutes have nothing to do with the content of "This Is War" lyrics and I want to show a video filled with my happy life. (laugh)

Hello Baby I'm taking part in "Hello Baby" airing on Mnet* and I really have a lot of ideas while playing the role of a parent. Among them the key point is that "I must not have three (kids)." We are five people! Even though we are five vigorous young men that's really too much and tiring. (Lee Joon: I think I really have to be filial to my parents.) I'm really very thankful to my parents indeed. You know one doesn't become a parent without preparation. Through this opportunity I learned a lot and felt that I want to become a good daddy in the future.

Sweet Mir I think the love relationships I've had so far were not true love. So if I really have a true love I think I can devote all my body and mind to one girl. In my high school days I went to my girlfriend's school and with permission from her homeroom teacher to the principal I gave her a big event to celebrate our 500th day. But I remember she became serious while saying, "I feel ashamed~ Why did you do such a thing!" After that I became careful and can't do events well. (laugh)

Mir's transformation At the beginning I was going to shave my head, but people's opposition was too massive. So they said they would try to shave half (of my head) only and shaved my head from 1 layer to 3 layers at the roots. But since surprisingly the response is good I'm going to have only this hair for my whole life from now on.

A+ love letter Through the promotion of this album A+ and MBLAQ are really becoming well united. I felt that many fans were scattered just until the time of our "Mona Lisa" activities, but because it seems that they all came together this time I also feel so good and was greatly moved. (suddenly) Like what I've been doing so far I'll do my best and hope I would work harder in the future. Fighting!

*Not sure if Mir or the reporter made the mistake but it should be KBS

Translations: mocha @ AbsoluteMBLAQ