[Interview] Gayoon: "The first time I've cried in a TV station"!

Vogue Girl had a chance to interview 4Minute's Gayoon and talked about her broadcast incident on Inkigayo during her performance with Mario.
Gayoon cleared what happened by stating, "Many unexpected accidents have happened, just recently I had one myself. I was scheduled for a broadcast just two days after Music Bank in Paris, but I only received the lyrics and music a day before the performance. I didn't have sufficient practice. The day of the accident was the first time I've cried in a TV station since my debut 3 years ago. As 4minute's main vocal, I was worried that people would misjudge our group's singing skills because of me."

She revealed that she cried in a TV station because of the accident happened to her. She wasn't able to practice well because she got the lyrics and music late and worried about what people think about her group. It wasn't help fault actually since she didn't have enough practice because of the delayed of the lyrics and music.

Korean to Chinese Translation: 44444minutegirls @ Weibo
Chinese to English Translation + Editing + Reporting: applemango @ 4-minute.com
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net