[Interview] ELLE GIRL Interview with Kevin!

Elle Girl had a chance to interview U-Kiss Kevin.

Check out their interview below.

To the readers of Elle Girl, hello I’m U-KISS Kevin! U-KISS’ 2nd single and 1st album have been released. Because this album is an album that contains a variety of songs, everyone please come and support us a lot! This was Kevin! Thank you for watching Elle Girl online. Bye bye!

Q. Being busy every day, or having free time, which do you like?
A. It’s better if I’m busy. If there’s no schedule it’s kind of boring.. Plus it’s not interesting.. yeah. And it’s lonely.

Q. When there is free time, what do you do?
A. Uh sleep. Because my body is tired, I sleep a lot. Also, umm.. since we’re in Japan I study Japanese.

Q. Are you better at waking up early in the morning or staying up late at night?
A. I go to sleep late at night.

Q. When meeting, it’s better to wait or to be waited for?
A. I’m usually late. Sorry! When I’m preparing by myself, it takes about an hour. Showering slowly… and choosing clothes “which do I prefer, which do I prefer…” And I eat slowly, so it takes about an hour and a half.

Q. With food, do you eat your favorite food or do you leave that for the end?
A. I eat the food I love first.

Q. When shopping, do you know what to buy immediately or do you have a hard time?
A. There’s many problems while shopping… And then my head hurts.

Q. Which girl is your type, a quiet cool girl or a talkative cheerful girl?
A. I like bright people who talk a lot. And for example, we’d have a more interesting time on a date together.

Q. What’s scarier, a cockroach or a ghost?
A. Bugs. In the whole world, bugs are the scariest. They’re really scary. I’m not really afraid of ghosts… Small bugs or big bugs… they’re all the same.

Q. If you were born again, would you be male or female?
A. I think a man. With girls, they take a long time to get ready… I take a long time too, but girls take more time… about 3 hours, yeah. I want to go shopping… for clothes, accessories, hair and makeup.. I want to look nice.

Translated by: hmcity @ tumblr + dongblebee @ tumblr