[Interview] BEG on U Magazine!

Brown Eyed Girls interview on U Magazine has been translated. You can check out the translated interview below.

Q: Gain came to Hong Kong previously for “We Got Married”, this time you came how do you feel about it? What’s Hong Kong’s impression to the other members?
Gain: “The last time when I came, eonnis asked me what was fun. The places that gave me the deepest impression include Tsim Sha Tsui, SOHO and dinner. And also, the last time I came, I haven’t learnt how to drink (liquer) yet, this time I’m here, I’m hoping to go to a bar.”

Narsha: “The happiest thing, is of course seeing so many fans, and grateful that they’re always waiting, we’re very touched. Just now when we came to Central, we saw lots of buildings which has the Europe kind of feel.”

Q: Your latest album “Sixth Sense”, what sixth sense does the members have?
Jea: “I’m more sensitive to smells, is that considered as a sixth sense?”

Miryo: “This question is very abstract. I’ve never given that a thought.”

Q: This year, members focus more on solo activities, is it tough?
Narsha: “No matter team work or solo, I still love it. The one difference is that in a team, whenever there’s a problem, we can go to one another to solve it. For solo activities, it makes you feel more independent. Looking at it from a better angle, it teaches us how to be independent and solve problems ourselves.”

Q: What’s your ideal guy?
Narsha: “Last time I was like any other girl, we just want to get a cool looking guy. But honestly, we are not young now, we have changed our ideal type. I think the most important thing in a relationship is the other person has to understand my needs and we can communicate well. “

Jea: “I agree with Narsha totally. If I have to give an example, I’ll say Aaron Kwok. Don’t be shock as to how I know him, I’ve liked him since my high school days.”

Miryo: “2am Changmin’s not bad. He sings well, he can cook, he is a really soft guy but we won’t have a chance.” (big smile)

Q: There’s a lot of girl group from your time which disbanded, what is your secret?
Miryo: “This is a very hard question. I don’t dare to say that we’re better than the other groups. The only thing I can day is that Brown Eyed Girls is different from the others, we can write lyrics and compose.”

Narsha: “To the rookies, we’re their sunbae. I’m happy because this proves that we are really experienced in the entertainment industry, we earned their respect. But also proves that we’re getting older, must remind ourselves not to be lazy, sometimes we feel pressured. Along our path here, I feel pitiful for those who disbanded, but it makes us feel lucky and grateful.”

Source: U magazine
Translated by: LuvGa-in@4everlastings.com