[Interview] Beautiful Show in Jakarta Press Conference – BEAST’s Thoughts about Indonesia!!

B2ST is really one of the current phenomenal boybands of Korea. Wherever they go in the world, whenever this group formed of Yoon Doo-Joon, Son Dong-Woon, Lee Gi-Kwang, Yang Yo-Seob, Jang Hyun-seung, Yong Jun-Hyung held their concerts, they always get a loud cheer.
The same applies to Indonesia. Since they landed at the airport and even held the press conference, B2uties (the name of B2ST’s fans) followed them everywhere. Some B2uties were lucky enough to see the idols up-close and took a picture of the idols when they were being interviewed by some medias. 
After giving explanations about the concert to local medias, some media partners like KapanLagi.com® were given the opportunity to do an interview. Yet, unlike towards other Boyband or other Korean singers, questions could only be asked by the MC to the translator — after the aforementioned media partners gave their selected questions about B2ST. Because to them, calling the names of the idols are considered impolite.

  • Hello, welcome to Indonesia. What is your thought about Hallyu (the term for the global spread of Korean pop culture in many countries in the world) being known worldwide?
    Doo-Joon : We are happy to have many fans. We are proud of being Koreans, and that many people love us.

  • What do you want to achieve other than being a boyband?
    Gi-kwang : Even though it’s only a shortwhile, there are many benefits (of being a boyband). We have tried all but the most important is to have a concert, because (through the concert) we can communicate with the fans.

  • Which movement (of yours) that makes your fans go hysterical (go crazy)?
    Yo-Seob  : Most important is, many of our fans love to see us standing. We haven’t do anything yet and they are already hysterical (already screaming). Like, we just went on the stage and they’re already hysterical.

  • Among you, whose style changed the most?
    Dong-woon : Each of us became handsome because we got richer, hahaha.

  • How does it feels to be a leader?
    Doo-Joon : There are no particular difficulties on being a leader,  but what’s hard is the tiredness. Yet, when I got on the stage, I became happy again.

  • If you don’t have any schedule, what are you guys doing?
    Dong-Woon : In Korea, we like to do sports together. For example, playing basketball until we reach 100 shoots, or playing tennis. Each of us are maintaining our health when we have no schedules.

  • What do you usually do before going on to the stage?
    Doo-Joon : On concerts, we always say ‘fighting’ in unison before going up to the stage.
  • What are your abilities instead of singing?

    Hyun-Seung: I am an expert in football. I am also good at surfing, while Jun-Hyung is good at ice-skating because he has been skating ever since (his) elementary school days.

  • What makes your style different from others?
    Jun-Hyung : There are nothing that distinguishes us, but we are trying to be passionate with our style.

  • What kind of clothes that makes you confident?
    Yo-Seob : Whenever there is an important and large-scaled event, I must use a sexy underwear. Everyday, I choose which underwear is good.

  • What do you do together when you got free times?
    Doo-Joon : Usually, when we are free we will go to eat or do shopping together. Because our schedule in Indonesia is packed, we can’t really go for a walk.

  • Any recommendation for a place to visit in Korea? (for entertainment purposes)
    Gi-Kwang : In my opinion, the most popular is Jeju Island, because it is the best place.

  • What kind of boyband would B2ST like to be known as?
    Doo-Joon : We want (to last) forever, and we want to be remembered by our fans until we (B2ST and fans) grow old—as a memory to them.

  • What is your impression about Indonesia?
    Dong-Woon : When we first landed, it was really hot. But Indonesian fans are hotter because they like us.
  • Your recent album, FICTION AND FACT, was successful that it made you receive the Bonsang Award on Seoul Music Award and Daesang Award on Melon Music Award last year. What is the secret behind your success and how do you feel about it?
    Dong-Woon : Like other artists, we want to be the winner too. The key is to give it your best and to get a good impression from the fans.
  • Have you learned Indonesian language? Please show us.
    Dong-Woon : Terima kasih, apa kabar, apa nama kamu?
(note : What Dongwoon said  is Indonesian language for ‘Thank you, how do you do, and what is your name?’ – but Dongwoon made a little mistake here. He should be saying ‘siapa’ nama kamu instead of ‘apa’, because ‘siapa’ refers to human names while ‘apa’ refers to object names.)

SourceKapanLagi.com™, Original title: Curhatan B2ST tentang Indonesia ;
Eng trans by erhyme@alwaysbeast.net