[Interview] After School’s Interview with Oricon Style!

Check out the interview of Oricon Style with girl group After School

An album filled with AFTER SCHOOL’s charms, the 1st Album 『PLAYGIRLZ』 has been released!
E-young: I’m so happy. The things that we couldn’t show until now from AFTERSCHOOL’s charm, we could transmit them in this album!
Nana: Of course you can listen to songs with a different image that we had until now but, in「BROKEN HEART feat. Jung-A, Raina, Nana, E-young」and「Miss Futuristic feat. Kahi, Juyeon, U-ie, Lizzy」, we tried something new and divided into groups of 4 for each song.
Lizzy: It’s not that we changed the way we sing in particular, but instead of when the 8 of us sing together there are more parts where you can hear the voices of each member, you cannot get to know the difference of the individual voices (when we sing as 8 in songs).
Nana: I think that you’ll get a different impression from the AFTERSCHOOL with 8 members.
Raina: Rather than an entirely different feel overall, while there’s something in common you can also tell there’s a difference within our individualities. And I think that picking your favourite song changes depending on your daily mood.
So what’s your favourite song for today’s mood Raina-san?
Raina:「Diva 【Japan Ver.】」I guess. When I listen to「Diva」the song makes me feel good. Today being the first day of promotions, I want to get my tension up.
Lizzy: For me when I listen to「Rip off」I receive a lot of power. It combines pop and fantasticness, it’s perfect to be the opening song of the album.
Raina: For me it’s「Gimme Love」. 10 seconds after the song has begun, the beat makes your feelings rise.
Juyeon: When I listen to「Just in time」I get a lot of power. It’s refreshing, bright and so lovely, I personally love the type of melody of the song that we haven’t had until now.
Jungah: Also「BROKEN HEART feat. Jung-A, Raina, Nana, E-young」I think is a song to get your spirits up.
If you only look at the title of the song, you’d think, “A sad song?” but when you read the lyrics, sentences like <I won’t show no tears> are written.
Juyeon: In this song, we portrayed a woman with strong confidence and honesty. Also, if you listen to「Rambling girls」when you don’t feel confident it might give you some strength! To all the fans, we want to be seen as friends. 
That’s exactly part of the charms that everybody says AFTER SCHOOL members have, right?
Nana: That’s right. But, I don’t want to forget about the times when I’m not confident at all.
Juyeon: I want to have a presence that looks cool to everyone, especially to the women that yearn to be like this which makes me happy but, more than this I want to look friendly, I want to have the presence of someone who is your friend.
Jungah: I wonder if we are able to show both of these sides in the album. More than anything else I think that the efforts we do everyday have led to how AFTERSCHOOL are now, and we’ve been able to have half a year of activities in Japan.
Lizzy: Also, about the bonus track, we recorded the song「Shangai Romance」 from the unit that Nana, Raina and I formed named “Orange Caramel”. I think that we offer a cuter view of the world that’s different from AFTERSCHOOL.
Raina: Overall the music can give you confidence since it has meaning inside, listening to this album I want to challenge myself to get courage, dignity and self-confidence.
Lizzy: Since we have the taste of women, we’re especially happy when we receive the empathy of other women who listen to us.
Nana: It’s not that we’re simply strong, there are weak parts and painful feelings drawn too, and this is bounded to our strength. Because we have moments when we don’t want to cry and moments when we are really sad, everybody can relate to this.
Juyeon: Because of this, I think we can share each other’s feelings.
Jungah: There are many new songs inside too, not only the songs, in the DVD I guess you can also feel how much we grew.
Speaking of growing, you also improved your Japanese.
Nana: Speaking is something that’s still difficult to me, but I really got to understand a lot more from listening now. 
Then, weren’t there any hard parts during the recording?
All: [Opening their mouths] Yes. 
But despite that, it’s fantastic!
Jungah: Of course~ [laughs] I’m joking~ [laughs]
Then, in April you will begin your first tour in Japan 『AFTER SCHOOL First Japan Tour 2012 -PLAYGIRLZ-』 that will be held in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka, right?
Nana: In this album, there are a lot of songs we haven’t showcased yet, so I wonder if we will be able to show a new appearance of AFTERSCHOOL to everyone, we’re also so excited for this. The song「Tell me」has a melody that’s easy to remember, so I wish that we’ll be able to sing it along with all our fans live.
Jungah: Speaking of looking forward to… delicious food!
Nana: I’m looking forward to eating debasaki and okonomiyaki! [laughs]
After our last interview, you said you wanted to go to SHIBUYA 109 but…
All: We went~
By the way, you’re also the leaders of fashion, for the fashion this spring, please let us know what are your preferences in colours and other tips.
Raina: Long skirts that flutter.
Juyeon: Pastel tones.
E-young: Headscarves.
Jungah: White T-shirts. I love simple combinations.
Lizzy: Sneakers.
Nana: I guess I love denim for top and bottom wear.
and for last,「Rip off」and「Shampoo 【Japan Ver.】」the lyrics say <if I’m born again> but for instance, if you were born again would there be anything you would like to do? Surprising jobs!? If you were reborn you would be……
Lizzy: I would like to be born the same person I am now.
Raina: I would also be re-born the same as I am now, and I would like to be in AFTERSCHOOL, but if I ended up having another occupation, I would love to be a photographer. Since I love to take landscape photography, I wonder if what I picture is different from what I really see with my eyes? I take photos as much as I can whenever possible and I would love to compile them in a book.
Nana: I’m a model. Since even now I get jobs as a model, there are a lot of hardships too, but I get to wear a lot of fine Western clothes, and what I do gives me more refined moves I guess.
Juyeon: Maybe I would be a fashion designer, or maybe I would run a chicken shop.
This is a big difference (laugh)
Juyeon: I love chicken so, I would become a boss who runs a chicken shop. Of course it would be all about the flavour, but I would hire a lot of cute employees, and I would be known as the woman with the shop of cute chickens [laughs]
E-young: I would be a detective.
All: [laughing out loud]
E-young: I watched the Japanese drama 『33 minutes Detective』 (Fuji TV), and I thought that it would be good if I also became one. But not a stupid and childish detective though, [laughs] I would always come to a conclusion.
then, if E-young were to investigate the AFTER SCHOOL members, who would you keep a track on?
E-young: I guess Lizzy-san and Juyeon-san. [laughs]
Lizzy: Eh? Me? Why? I don’t keep secrets. [laughs]
E-young: Out of all the members these two are really interesting, that’s why if I kept a track on them it would become interesting.
What’s your answer Jungah-san?
Jungah: I would love to become the CEO of AFTER SCHOOL’s company.
All: [laughing out loud]
If you say this, Jungah-san, there are no AFTER SCHOOL members then?
Jungah: Yes. I would become a representative and start building AFTER SCHOOL.
On the contrary, what would the other members think about Jungah becoming the CEO?
Raina: She would be a great CEO!
All: Yes.
It’s good to see that they all agree right?
Jungah: Yes, it really is. [smiles brightly]
Finally if you could become any of the other AFTERSCHOOL members, who would you like to be?
All: [at once] Myself. [laughs]

Credit: fyafterschool 
Translated By Hoshino Ayano