[Info] Pledis Boys Magazine Vol. 1!

Pleadis Boys will release the 1st issue of their magazine and the expected release date is on March 9, 2012.
PLEDIS BOYS MAGAZINE will provide a variety of themed attractions and convey information about Pledis Boys debut and future promotions.
In the featured interviews/photoshoots the boys distinct personalities and extraordinary fashion sense will be shown.
A few examples of what fans can look forward to is detailed below:
‘Just Starting to Talk’ 
Pledis Boys will answer fans personal questions + Baekho will detail his 3 night/4 day journey to Sapporo – this was his first overseas trip!
My Favorite Musician!
Learn which artists Pledis Boys respect the most and gain inspiration from. Questions like ”Who do you like best?” will be answered along with the songs they listen to daily.
Our composer, Teach Me If You Can
Learn about Nu’Est composers Cho Young Soo and Kim Tae Hyun along with information from their vocal trainers and dance instructors. There will be candid interviews from the people who helped create Nu’Est about the members talent and passion. There will also be advice for aspiring singers.

Credit: nesthaeyo via YesAsia + trans: AfterSchoolDaze