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Jang Dong Gun 

Seo Jae Myung, known for his spiteful tongue, is the Chief Architect and CEO of an architecture company. He has everything, with a perfect face and body. Also known for his ability in stealing women’s hearts, Seo Jae Myung enjoys getting attention from women, which explains why he has been a natural born single. The reason him being single is that he doesn’t like to share his income with his (future) wife and children.
80% of his conversation contains “stinging tongue or incendiary vicious tongue” and 20% contains “pointing out mistakes and correcting people”. Since he majored in engineering, he is addicted to analysis and statistics. He likes to figure out reason and cause and believes that he can computes the feeling of human being. But in the end he meets a woman whom he can’t really figure out.
Kim Ha Neul

36 years old Song Ye Soo  is an ethics teacher in high school and she is also an umpire  for an amateur adult baseball team. She is not that strict but is firm and charismatic. Also, Song Ye Soo isn’t exactly rough or mean, but she is stern and determined. She teaches her students passionately on how to respect the dignity of human beings, to upholds etiquette towards people and how to love each other. For about 3 years, she has loved Im Tae San who is in the same baseball team, but it was one-sided. Unfortunately her one-sided love is unleashed by Seo Jae Myung. So she gets nervous by that.
Kim Soo Ro

Pure-minded and macho man Im Tae San. He is the co-CEO of the architecture company and also an architect. He has  a sexy body as well as a sexy brain (?!). He acts before he thinks and never regrets whatever results he gets. He is a cool yet hot and pure-minded macho guy. He has been in a relationship with cold hearted woman Sae Ra who is a friend of Ye Soo. But one day he heard thatYe Soo likes him.
Kim Min Jong

A romantic doctor Choi Yoon – an ophthalmologist. He misses his wife who passed-away 7 years ago and is oppressed with sorrow. He is the only person who acts and thinks maturely among his friends. 24 years old Im Mae A-Ri who is a sister of his friend (Im Tae San) has a crush on him. He starts to have feeling for her too.
Lee Jong Hyuk

 He is Ko Young Do,  owner of a coffee shop. He used to be  popular among girls when he was young, even being called “Apgujeong’s Orange Jok and Kingka”. Once he got older and no longer popular, he married a rich noona and became the president of a coffee shop. After his marriage he still enjoys alcohol, girls and gambling so his wife Min Sook wanted to file a divorce. But the problem is, he should transfer his coffee shop back to her after their divorce.
Kim Min

Kim Min Sook  is a 44 years old career woman and works in real estate and leasing service. She looks 10 years younger than her age and is beautiful, intelligent and rich with high education. She thinks that money works for everything. But money doesn’t solve for her problems like her husband’s love  affair and that they have no child since marriage.
*to be decided*
  • Hong Sae Ra  is a 36 years old pro golfer and cold hearted woman and a girl friend of Im Tae San.
  • Im Mae A-ri is 24 years old and works as a coordinator for an ophthalmologist. She used to be a fat girl and never succeeds in love. She flew to New York with size 88 and came back to Korea with size 44. She wanted to revenge her bitter first love to Choi Yoon. But she has strange feeling to him all of sudden.
Lee Jong Hyun

Colin is a 19-year-old Korean American student (I think the writer will change his character to Korean Japanese for Jonghyun who is fluent in Japanese). After his mother passed away,  he felt betrayed by his stepfather who got married again and ran away from home to look for his real father in Korea. “One of you guys IS my father,”  he said to the 4 gentlemen and lives together with them.
His weapon of charms is his purity and his tactic is smile. He is tricky, unexpected and is a 4-dimensional boy who controls the 4 gentlemen’s lives.
One day a girl comes to his life. This 19 years old boy calls her name all day, almost like the echoes in the mountain. And his first love begins like the first love of his father did.
* * *
Colin is the turning point in the middle of this drama. He will appear in the mid of drama to create problems among the 4 sets of couples. He said to the 4 gentlemen,”One of you guys IS my father”.  And then they withdrew their words when they showed off that they made love with Soo Hee for endless nights.
Soo Hee is Colin’s mother and the “Madonna” of the 4 gentlemen when they were young and she was loved by those 4 gentlemen as a one-sided love.

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