[Fancafe] Teen Top’s First Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony!

TOP Media released an announcement regarding Teen Top's First Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony.

Read the noticed below.

Hi. This is TOP Media. 
This is the notice for the awaited fan inauguration ceremony and also the fan goods. 
This coming 28 May will be the opening of Teen Top’s official fanclub inauguration ceremony. 
(28 May is a public holiday) 

<ANGEL First Stage Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony> 
Date: 28 May 2012 (Monday) 
Venue: To be confirmed 
Participants: ANGEL First Stage Members 
Application Board:  Official Fancafe (http://cafe.daum.net/TEENTOP) My ‘Application for Inauguration Ceremony Room’ Board (‘창단식신청방’게시판)
Application Period: 6PM KST 2 April 2012 (Monday) ~ 6PM KST 9 April 2012
Seating Placement: Applicants applying at the ‘Application for Inauguration Ceremony Room’ Board is a first-come-first-serve basis order (The order of seat placement is from the front seats in front of the stage onwards towards the back)
Application Method: Fill in the application form correctly at the ‘Application for Inauguration Room’ Board. (The board will be opened on 2 April at 6PM KST)
-ANGEL First Stage fan goods will be distributed at the Inauguration Ceremony venue- 
Those who inevitably are not able to make it for the Inauguration Ceremony, we will be sending it to you after the Inauguration Ceremony. 
There will also be a ‘Teen Top History Contest’ with all Angels before the Inauguration Ceremony. 
<Teen Top History Contest 1> 
Application Period: 19 March 2012 (Mon) ~ 6 April (Fri)
Applicant Requirements: Any ANGEL FIRST STAGE fans who are participating in the Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony
Participating Method: 
Film a 1~1min 30s video of an Individual or a Group dancing to Teen Top’s Choreography and upload it to Teen Top’s Official Fancafe (http://cafe.daum.net/TEENTOP) ‘Teen Top Choreography Challenge’ Board. (‘틴탑안무도전’게시판)
Eg. Choose a song from CLAP, Supa Luv, Don’t Spray Perfume One You, Crazy or even their remix and make a 1 min clip. Feel free to do dances that match the songs, the best Teen Top’s stage performance or a choreography that you like. (The board will be opened on 19 March) 
Announcement of Winners: 14 April (Sat) will be individually contacted
Winner Criteria: Team that expresses the choreography perfectly within the time given (Amongst the videos uploaded by ANGELs, the members will pick the winning team) 
Winner’s Benefits: The selected team will be able to get a special surprise present given to them by the members on stage during the Inauguration Ceremony. 
We hope that fans will show lots of interest towards this event. 
Thank you very much. 
This is a fanmeeting-like event to celebrate Teen Top’s opening of their First Fanclub. It is held in Korea of course and most likely Seoul.
I hope this is of help to overseas Official Angels who wish to attend the event and also join the Choreography Contest.
Good luck to the contestants and have fun to those who will be attending Teen Top’s first Fanclub Inauguration Ceremony. It will definitely be memorable. :) 
For those who are wondering what sort of Public Holiday it is the celebration of Gautama Buddha’s Birthday in Korea on the 28 May this year. It happens every 8th day of the 4th Lunar Month. 

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