[FANACC] Japanese model Ami Ishii blogs about bumping into Big Bang

I was randomly browsing around when I bumped into BIGBANG (except TOP-san!). If it was on any other day, I definitely wouldn’t do this sort of request but my sister is a huge fan, so I kept thinking that I had to send some sort of message to them! I had to do it for my sister!

I was able to do what I did because there was no one around when I saw them. There were some people going to work but they didn’t notice BIGBANG..

I knew this was impossible but I still asked if they could sign for me..

The result? They all said “Okay~^^”, smiled and shook hands with me!

When they were signing…
“Your name is?”
“Ami!” After I said that,
Jiyong repeated “A——-MI” as he signed.

I felt so happy when he said my name like that!

He even wrote my sister’s name! “Her name is MIRI!”
Daesung repeated after me….hehe.

And then it was Seungri’s turn. When I asked him to write my sister’s name, he said, ”I think your sister will get her chance someday so today I will just write your name since this autograph is for you~”

This kid…really…so straightforward!

Seungri: “We’re releasing our new album next week, please support us if you can!” He didn’t stop promoting (laughs).

(My sister already pre-ordered their albums!)

They were all very gentlemen, really awesome! They all wore Chrome Hearts and all 4 of them were very trendy! It was a magical night for me!

Since so many people requested…here’s a bit of extra details:
Taeyang wrote next to his autograph: “I LOVE YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU!”
Seungri used kanji to write “AMI”, and wrote “Thank you, Seungri” next to his autograph. Oh yeah, they were there with a few staff.

Extra extra details:
When I bumped into BIGBANG, I was there with a guy friend and Seungri noticed that. Before we shook hands, Seungri was smiling as he said, “About that…is it okay (to shake hands) in front of your boyfriend?”
When the other members heard that, they all laughed (laughs)
Me: “Ahh he’s not my boyfriend!”
Seungri: “Well then, that’s not a problem then!” & then shook my hands.

I was so happy!!

Source: http://ameblo.jp/amiblog1223 (March 22 Entry)
Chinese translation: 叶包子_胜蒂公主控@weibo
English translation: http://jwalkervip.tumblr.com