[CAFE] Yoseob's Post - Wide Wide Wi~~~~de World @helloimys

A kid in his 10s who used to set the Seoul Providence Dobonggoo straight
Left in his 20s to set the world straight but..
Really.. It wasn't an easy thing to do.
Well.. of course he knew from the start that it wasn't going to be an easy task anyways..ha

As the shows went on from the first..to the second, I felt that my mind was holding me up rather than my physical self but..
I was happier than anyone else.
Six shows in a course of 7 days in Japan..Yokohama..Gobe..Nagoya..
At first I thought it was going to be hard.. But I learned a lot from it.
How to talk less by myself. How to take care of my voice. The preciousness of a break.. Things like that..
Ah.. and also that ramen is really good..ha

It isn't easy to receive a gift such as experience..
But all the experiences.. memories that can't be traded.. I am overwhelmed by happiness that I was able to make it them.
Well.. even though I do have go to the throat doctor as soon as I wake up today.. keke

Maybe it's because I was a good kid for about 8 days but. (T/N: Meaning that he slept and woke up early)
I'm already sleepy! haha

You guys have no idea how great it feels to have Korean b2uties to come back to and complain to whenever I come back from a show far away,
Because I have you guys I am able to endure it.
Thank you..

At time you guys might be bitter..or sad..
But thank you for continuously being a strength.

Just thank you so much, really.
We will become the confident six people who you guys can proudly say
"They are our artists!" whenever we come out.

Just keep watching us with the proud mother's smile
We will do well.

Hwaiting! Bye!