[Blog/Trans] Lizzy wants to meet you at their concert!

After School's Lizzy posted a new blog on the 25th of March and it has a title of "As you can see in the photo… It’s me Lizzy^.^".

Read her blog update below.

Fufufu~ Whose hand might this be~~~?
As you can see in the photo… It’s me Lizzy^.^
Hello~~~ You’re all fine, right??
Lately we’ve been really concentrated on the practices for the concert.
I reaaally want to show a good presence to everyone and I’m getting so crazy. Wowowowowo

Spring’s already here~~ the season’s changing so please make sure not to catch a cold, okay?~
Let’s meet at the concert~!! Annyeong~ I love you so~~!!

by Lizzy.
After School is busy preparing for their first solo tour in Japan. Their first concert will be held on April 27th at Zepp Tokyo. The members are practicing really hard to show a better performance and that will be their first solo concert so they have to do well. The fans couldn't wait to see the girls performing on their stage. 
All of the members want to meet you at their first solo concert so make sure to be there. 

Translated from Japanese to English by okdr - Credit: fyafterschool
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net