[Article] Jo twins – press conference in Taiwan!

Have the twins been mistaken for each other before? Youngmin reveals that he once received a gift meant for Kwangmin, and then secretly passed the gift to Kwangmin. “I differentiate them by looking at their jawlines. Youngmin’s jawline is more softer-looking whereas Kwangmin’s jawline is sharper”, Jeongmin said. Kwangmin laugh awkwardly, saying that he gained weight. 

The twins also have different ideal types of girls.

Kwangmin prefers girls who are more carefree and does not bother too much about little details. He also added that he will confess his love for her in public. Youngmin prefers girls who have a clear gaze and does aegyo. He will confess by only saying the phrase “I love you!”.When asked whether they have confessed before, they laughed and denied it.

Source: libertytimes.com

Translation by boyfriend-champion.