[Video] Girls’ Generation releases teaser for Japanese track ‘Time Machine’

Girls’ Generation’s first Japanese album, “Girls’ Generation”, which was released on June 31st 2011, reached a shipping record of one million copies, a first in the history of Japan as a Korean artist . There will be a new music video to continue the rapid advancement of Girls’ Generation into Japan. The music video will be for their new song “Time Machine”, and comedian Imada Kouji will appear in the video.

“Time Machine” is a new ballad song that was recorded for last year’s repackaged album release on December 28th, titled “Re:Package Album: Girls’ Generation ~The Boys~”. On February 25th, the song will also be promoted in Girls’ Generation’s CF of UHA Mikukato “E-ma Nodoame”.

Imada Kouji is a self-proclaimed Girls’ Generation fan and leads in knowledge and enthusiasm in the entertainment world, so the staff of Girls’ Generation made the offer to include him.

The music video for “Time Machine” is set to be released in early March. For the girls, this music video concept is something that they have not done so far and it seems that the video was influenced by the atmosphere of the teaser.

Check out the video below:

Source: Soshified