[Video] 3rd round of Yoon Il Sang's 21st anniversary album revealed

Famous composer Yoon Il Sang recently released new album "I'm 21" in celebration for his 21st year anniversary in the music industry. He personally selected some of his own favorite hits and collaborated with hottest artists to create modern remakes of his songs.

For the third round of digital singles, new cover tracks by top artists Lee Eun Mi and Kim Bum Soo have been released. The first track features Kim covering the beloved hit song "I Have a Lover", which was originally sung by Lee, while Lee’s rendition of Park Ji Yoon’s "Steal Away" puts a tango twist on the original reggae-infused track.

The music video for the new releases has been also released. The video contains snippets of both songs. Additionally, singer/actress Park Ji Yoon and rookie actor Kim Bum Jin were featured in the video.