[Trans] Youngjae, “Had 1 perfect brain, now…”!

Debuted with ‘WARRIOR(워리어)’ that stirred the music industry is super rookie B.A.P’s lead vocal Youngjae.
“I took a lot of subjects in my 1st year of middle school. I got into music and studied it in my 2nd year. That is when the nickname ‘Brain’ is formed (laughs)”
Different Star Stories ‘TheSTAR’(www.the-star.co.kr) will reveal the six member talented boy group B.A.P’s HD interview on the 18th along with surprised such as, a self-signed of their 1st single album(6 people) and polaroid photo (6people), B.A.P engraved logo Galaxy case (6people) opened with commenting event with the interview. Duration from the 18th until 2nd of March, the announcement will be on March 5th.

source: TheSTAR
translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com