[Trans] SHINee Japanese Mobile Fansite Update: Taemin at Music Bank in Paris!

SHINee's Taemin posted on their Japanese Mobile Fansite.

On the 24th of February, new picture and message have been posted by Taemin on their Japanese mobile fansite.

Taemin wrote "Everyone at Japan Mobile website, hello, I'm Taemin. This photo was taken in Paris, wearing 'The FIRST' outfit, at a Korean Music event. It's so complicated! (laughs) Everyone, SHINee will be coming back soon!" and attached his picture that was taken when SHINee was in Paris.

Taemin's looks so handsome in the photo that he shared on the fansite.

SHINee fans, SHINee will be coming back soon to show their improvements so look forward to it and support them.

Korean-Chinese Translation by: yinyuetaishinee @ Weibo
Chinese-English Translation by: Prince Choi Minho @ shineee.net
Written by: angelclowie18@dkpopnews.net