[Trans] Rooftop Prince Profiles : Lee Gak and his 3 handsome boys!

Park Yoochun as Lee Gak
1. The Crown Prince of Josen Dynasty from 300 years ago flew to Seoul.
He is an uncommonly handsome man that no one in the world can be compared with him, and
He is sagacious and sharp as a tiger but acts with prudence as a cattle, and
His loneliness is tremendous that… his body and his shadow feel pity for each other.
The Crown Prince Lee Gak, who transported through 300 years and fell in the middle of Seoul in 21st century one day, feels absolutely dumbfounded!
2. He has been broken-hearted since his beloved Crown Princess. On the day he could finally get the full story about the death of Crown Princess, he fell into Seoul in 21st century out of nowhere.
Awful noise, dazzling lights, is it the afterlife…?

Everything is unfamiliar and frightening. Moreover, no one listens even when he shouts “I am the Crown Prince of Joseon!” He just seems as a S.N.O.B who has no ability to maintain his livelihood, is clueless but acts as if he knew everything, is overly sensitive with bed, treats people harshly and says everything in his mind.
As he lives with Park Ha, who takes in Crown Prince’s company with nowhere to go, his cold, frozen emotions starts to wriggle again. Then, he meets Hong Sena, who was reincarnated with the figure of dead Crown Princess. At the same time, he finds out the existence of Yong Taeyong (Missing grandson of President Yeo) who looks exactly like him. He believes he transported the time to find out the death of Crown Princess as destiny. Although he met his longing Crown Princess, he feels uneasy whenever Park Ha is not next to him. He is concerned about Park Ha who would be left alone when he goes back to Joseon.
Lee Gak’s three handsome boys
Lee Minho as  Song Manbo
1. He entered through a special employment of the Educational Office for the education of Crown Prince. Rank 6.
He is capable of memorizing all the numbers, writings, and drawings that he sees at once. He guides Crown Prince Lee Gak with proper judgements and wide knowledge. He always seeks a way to get back to Joseon.
2. After he arrived in 21st century, he gets smarter and smarter day after day as he reads all the books related to science, history, arts and others. He, however, makes others feel suffocated due to lack in versatility and sociality.

 Choi Woosik as Do Chisan
1. He entered through a special employment of the department of eunuch. Rank 6.
He serves Crown Prince as his hands and feet. He uses petty tricks and he knows worldly wisdom very well.
2. Every place gets noisy when Do Chisan is present. He can communicate with female very well. He sometimes dresses up as a girl and collects information.

Jung Sukwon as Woo Yongsul
1. Rank 6, Ikchan of the department of guards for Crown Prince. He is 6ft tall with muscular body. He is a hot blooded man.
He is the best swordsman in Joseon who is faster than wind.
2. He, who lived saying “Only loyalty! I am Man,” gets to know love when he meets Lady Mimi in 21st century. He is a large but cute adolescent who gets blushed in front of his love.
Source: SBS
Translated by: @dlwpdldhkdlwp