[Trans] Jongup’s Daum Cafe entry!

[Jongup.] Hello This is Jongup’s first post.
Our fan-cafe has has passed 20,000 people and have over 23,000 people!! kekeke
Just now, I watched came to watch the music broadcast where our BABYs cheer for us, and I have gain strength by reading the cheer message that you posted. Thinking of BABYs coming to music broadcast waiting for a long time in the cold worries me.
BABYs cheering on us makes me want to work hard and I’m trying to show you my effort to be a better-looking Jongup.
Us members are gaining a lot of strength through this fan-cafe
Please cheer on us a lot in the future !!

PS. I’m really happy and had a great time meeting BABYs on the first fan-signing yesterday~
And even if we have not meet personally, please always cheer on us even in deep within your heart To all our BABYs, thank you so much and I love you.

translated by minchu @ baperfection.wordpress.com