[Trans] Girl’s Day Minah Fancafe Message!

Girl's Day Minah left a message on their fancafe for their fans.

Read the translation of her message below.

Hi, Minah here!!^~^
Did you enjoy eating the chocolate I sent you through your eyes?? heeheehee
If I ever make a lot~~ of money later in the future, then I’ll send a real one to you!!

I’m very very thankful to dai5ies & Angelic Smile who came to the filming set of Vampire Idol hours ago in order to provide me with support.
I really ate it all up that my stomach almost bursted heeheehee. ^___________^
Not only the other actors, but also all the staff gave thanks to me for the support.
So I dropped in here to tell you about their gratitude to our fellow dai5ies~~
ㅠㅠ Me thinks they must have been burdened with buying meals for those many people… Despite that they bought us really really delicious meal boxes and it filled my stomach and also filled me with happiness heeheehee.

Spring is coming up~~however don’t be off your guard yet!! It’s still cold outside~~
I guess I was wearing a long padded jumper all winter long.. like a caterpillar heeheehee.

Everyone be careful of your health and don’t skip your meals and always be happy!!! Take it as my wish… kkk
Aha, and remember that I read every single mention of yours all the time. kkk
Please don’t sulk over the absence of my reply~~ now I’ve got to go, bbyong. *0*

Translated by Sen

Source: DAI5Y.com